Project Phases

The cooperation project follows the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship innovation process:

Team and Vision

In order to understand the local needs each city was supported by a start-up coach of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship to answer the following questions:

1.What is the big picture that the hub vision finally adresses, the key interest that
is pursued?
2. What is this CEHs final user/customer segment?
3.What is its solution, which services solve the problems of the local entrepreneurs?
4.How can you visualize this Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs easily (arrows/ maps/ pictures)?
5.How do you want to position the Hub and who are your partners, competitors?
6. What is the underlying business model for such a Cultural Entrepreneurship Hub solution?
7. What is the most relevant assumption/hypothesis of your Cultural Entrepreneurship Hub, and how can it be verified within the „safe“ period of its first year?
8. What will be the next concrete steps? What do you expect from the Goethe-Institut/Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship and what can you offer in order to get the hub running?

Each participant had about 2-3 months to present the findings to these questions which resulted in four concept papers for the following cities: Jakarta, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban.

– Research Paper: Cape Town / South Africa
– Research Paper: Durban / South Africa
– Research Paper: Johannesburg / South Africa
– Research Paper: Jakarta / Indonesia
– Research Paper: Thessaloniki / Greece

Synthesis / Point of view

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Hubs project is currently in this stage – Synthesis-/-Point of view. All participating partner institutions and the start-up coaches are discussing the next steps to be taken. Check out more on the individual pages of each HUB-Team.

Generate Ideas

In order to connect the hubs with the german creative industry scene, the consultans from around the world will meet again in march during the Munich Creative Businessweek. More information will follow shortly.

supported by: Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW)

Virtual Coaching via Web Platform

After the training course, the start-up consultants as well as their teams will be coached and further trained via virtual coaching and the web platform. The web platform will serve to deepen the knowledge acquired during the training phase and used for sharing experiences among the start-up consultants.

To the web platform (not public)